Thank you, White Collar,
For 6 amazing years!


White Collar and Matt Bomer have been nominated for a People's Choice Award, but WE must help them win by voting excessively.

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Are you ready to say goodbye to White Collar?

We say "NO!" - and why is that?

White Collar is a brilliant show, a gem that is too beautiful to be thrown out in the garbage. Unfortunately USA Networld didn't agree with us, and they are shutting the series down.

We know it's too late to ask for more episodes, the sets have been taken down (*sniff*), and all cast and crew have gone seperate ways.

BUT... How about planting a seed? A movie seed, that is?

We don't expect the writers to send off White Collar in a way that makes it final (then they wouldn't have named the last episode "Au revoir" which is more like "bye for now" and not "goodbye"). So why not get together in a couple of years and do a movie?

We say: "YES!"

And we know that quite a few crew members have liked comments around social media regarding this specific suggestion. Some even wrote: "Bring it on!" - we clearly aren't alone on this one.

We need the people behind White Collar to know that we're ready to help in any way we can... Can you hear someone whisper: Crowdfunding?

Would you help crowdfund a White Collar movie?
State your opinion and leave a comment in our poll.

We intend on shipping off the show with a blast! Let's celebrate the show together - it deserves all the attention it can get.

Are you in? ;-)

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